About Me

  • A founding member of Electronomicon & Galaxy Unknown
  • Reformed E_N 2010 - Diego Valdez and Owen Bryant
  • Over ten years as the Electronomicon drummer and four years as band manager
  • Performances in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres
  • Touring and traveling covering more than 100,000 miles of the globe
  • Playing in small clubs, sold out shows, and Mega Rock Festivals
  • Signed on two separate record deals and a handful of distribution deals in all four hemispheres
  • Performed on a top ten charting album in four countries
  • Featured in major magazines and webzines around the globe
  • Can be seen on Metal Hammer TV Europe, MTV-Germany, VIVRA TV Argentina, and more
  • Always available for the right project, studio, touring or just for a show or two
  • Drumming is fun for me and it always will be
  • When drumming stops being fun, I will re-evaluate my approach
  • ​Always advancing as a Rock Drummer day by day to become a better musician


​Prepare for the Uprising, 2008
Portway Films

In the Beginning, 2009
​Retrospect Records

The Masked Years, 2010
​Retrospect Records

Unleashing the Shadows, 2013
​No Remorse Records

EP Prelude to the Shadows, 2011
CD & Bonus DVD Bio
​Original Radio Demos

The Age of Lies, Coming
Independent Records


  • Drums
    • Maple
    • Birch
    • ​Electric
  • Cymbals
    • Brass
    • Signature Bronze Alloys
  • Drumheads
    • Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • Sticks
    • Oak
    • Hickory
    • Tympani-mallets
  • Pedals
    • Chain-Drive
    • Double Chain-Drive
    • Belt-Drive
    • Direct-Drive